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Chronic non-infectious lung diseases (CLD)

Chronic non-infectious lung diseases (CLD) such as chronic obstructive lung disease (smoker's cough), asthma or fibrotic lung disease are currently worldwide leading causes of illness. 

Despite intensive efforts of clinicians and researchers to understand the causes underlying these illnesses, possibilities to treat these diseases are limited. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop effective therapies or even better prevent CLD entirely.

Observations made by epidemiologists indicate, that the risk to develop a CLD during life might be determined in very early childhood or even before birth via environmental exposures. If this holds true, these observations might open a door to influence and lessen disease risks already in very early life. However, the mechanisms how the environment shapes the risks to develop disease ill understood today.

Therefore, high-ranking scientists from 26 European countries and two partners from the USA joined forces to investigate how environmental factors interact with lung and immune development in early childhood with the ultimate goal to find ways to prevent or treat CLDs.

To achieve this goal they are currently supported by the European Union via an initiative termed COST Action BM1201 (


Early determination of risk for lung disease in later life

Early determination of risk for lung disease in later life
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