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Consortium As A Whole

The COST Action BM1201on Early Origins of Chronic Lung Disease involves partners from 21 European countries and two partners from the United States to pool their resources and expertise to investigate effects of early life exposures on chronic lung diseases in later life. The consortium includes internationally acknowledged leaders in key areas of epidemiology, lung morphogenesis, lung physiology and biology, immunology, cell signalling, lung biology, stem cell biology, genetics, and clinical research from major research centres across Europe and the United States.

Many partners have a proven track record in collaborative research and have participated in other large scale EU projects e.g. such as EU IMI, UBIOPRED on Severe Asthma, FP7 iFAAMProgramming food allergy, FP7RESOLVE, FP7 MeDaLL or ECRHS III Medical Research Council and others.



Including two Non-COST-Partners from USA:

  • Center for Integrative Genomics, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Biology, Atlanta GA USA
  • Department of Environmental Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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